13 all-new Lego Batman screenshots

Featuring Clayface, Nightwing and Bane

Traveler's Tales has released a bunch of screenshots revealing three new characters from Lego Batman: The Video Game.

Dark Knight fans will be pleased to see Lego versions of Clayface, Nightwing and Bane.

For those who haven't studied Batman obsessively (or just haven't caught the odd cartoon here and there) Clayface was a kung-fu actor who went mental and learned how to shapeshift after a studio wanted to remake one of his films.

Bane is a drug-enhanced man who broke Batman's back a while back, and Nightwing is Robin after he got irked at being a sidekick and went it alone.

The developer has given at least a few minutes of its time to matching character's abilities to their histories. Nightwing has the same powers as Robin, Clayface can turn into other characters and Bane has super strength.

Shots looks pretty nice too. Take a look.