50 things to do in GTA IV pt. 2

Feature: Causing utter chaos in Liberty City


32 - Find the flying rats
Instead of hidden packages, Liberty City's infested with 200 diseased pigeons, or 'flying rats' as they're affectionately referred to here. They look totally harmless and even coo like real pigeons. Fortunately, they never fly away, no matter how close you get. You'll need a gun though. Puff goes the pigeon. No, it's not a clever magic trick - one shot and you get this cool avian explosion. Don't worry, you'll see it another 199 times.


33 - Crush people with the Jetmax
There's more fun to be had with the cheats than just pretending you're in The Matrix, calling up a vehicle and driving away. Such as repeatedly calling up a boat in the middle of a busy street.

Now you see him. Now you see him. Now you... oh, wait a minute, it's a her. And she's been felled not by a fellow motorist, but by... yep, another boat.


34 - Take a leap of faith
First you need to spawn a police helicopter. There's no point finding a legit one as you'll need a cheat once you get to the top anyway.
Now it's just a case of dusting yourself off, calling up a bike and getting on. At the top of a high rise building. Maniac.

Suddenly the vertigo kicks in and you feel yourself being pulled towards the edge. Just don't look down - at least you've got your helmet on.

35 - Go 'skyboating'
Take a helicopter up to the top of a skyscraper. Now climb onto the edge and face forwards, then call up a boat with cheat WET-555-0100
It'll take a few attempts, but you should be able to make it sit right on the edge. When in the boat, call up another boat with the cheat. It should appear above and land on the front of your boat. After a few tries, the impact should knock you off. That's skyboating, baby.


36 - Pop your tires
If you hold both accelerate and brake in any car, you'll do a burnout. Your wheels will spin and you'll generate a lot of smoke. Neat enough. But keep doing it for a couple of little surprises...

Bang! Your left tyre explodes, shortly followed by the right. You've blown the tyres through too much wear and friction. But that's not all...
Your rims now clatter over the tarmac, sparking as you fight for grip. But the coolest thing is the way the rims leave their own perfectly rendered tracks. Completely awesome.


37 - Fly through the windscreen
You've probably noticed that you're a lot more vulnerable in vehicles than in previous GTAs. Not only can you be shot in the head and chest by anyone outside the car, but you can also be ejected through the front window in the event of a crash. Thanks to our grabbing equipment, we've pinpointed the exact moment (above) Niko's head goes through the glass, followed by a commendable impression of Superman.


38 - Mini-golf secrets
We'd have loved to have seen the miniature golf course appear as a playable extra in the game. Compared to San Andreas there's very little in the way of hidden minigames to find. But take a look...

There's the giant Chicken from San Andreas. And... the windmill from the countryside. But it's not just San Andreas getting the nods...
GTAIII's lighthouse is there.And from Vice City, the Ocean View hotel. Bless.


39-44 - Surf the Web
www.craplist.com - A site where you can sell crap, hunt for crap jobs or just talk crap. It's not very interactive, but there's plenty of colourful insight from the inhabitants of Liberty City. We particularly like the 'free box of healthy crap' which is a post from someone who bought loads of health food, then hated it. He says he wouldn't wish it on anybody. Yep, great way to sell it.

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