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Global Conquest dropped from 360 Kane's Wrath

Acclaimed mode not included, producer tells us

The Xbox 360 version of Command and Conquer: Kane's Wrath will not be blessed with the excellent Global Conquest mode, according to the game's producer.

Speaking with CVG, Jim Vessella said, "When we were focus testing that feature for the Xbox version, we found that it wasn't getting as good a response as it had on PC.

"We found that it was a bit more niche type of gameplay, the turn-based gameplay wasn't gelling as much with the 360 fan base.

"Nor were the controls working as well as the precision with the mouse on that particular mode. So Global Conquest actually won't be on the 360 version which is why we added in Kane's Challenge mode which is more catering to 360 players."

The Kane's Challenge mode he speaks of is part of some brand new content exclusive to the 360. It includes new online game modes like Capture the Flag and Siege, plus brand new videos of Kane himself.

However, the Global Conquest mode was one of the most acclaimed parts of the expansion pack when it was released for the PC last March. Check out our review to see why.

Check back soon for the full interview.