Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath

Interview: EA speaks out on bringing it to 360

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Speaking of 360 content, you've got support for the Live Vision camera in there. What does that bring to the game?

Vessella: For multiplayer games you can have the camera hooked up, so you'll have your face up the corner so players will know who you are. You can taunt and make faces as you're playing the game.

And if you win the game, you can have a few seconds to do a victory dance or something. It's a fun way to throw a bit more personality and spirit into the multiplayer game.

So no voice control ala EndWar and World in Conflict, then? Are you planning on doing this with the series?

Vessella: I'm actually very excited to see what EndWar and World in Conflict do with the voice commands. The only thing I've seen of it is some trailers and the screenshots, so I don't really have an inside look into what there doing to the games.

I think there is definitely potential for bringing in voice commands for the 360 versions. I think a really good combination would be mastering the controller which we've done for Kane's Wrath, and adding voice commands on top of that.

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