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Star Wars: Clone Wars games detailed

Wii and DS titles coinciding with new movie this autumn

LucasArts has revealed a number of details regarding new Star Wars: The Clone Wars games, 'Lightsaber Duels' and 'Jedi Alliance' for the Wii and DS.

Wii game 'Lightsaber Duels' is predictably a lightsaber battle game that uses the Wii Remote as a lightsaber.

Whilst it's not one-to-one control, LucasArts has promised that your general movement will be mimicked on screen, providing the best Wii lightsaber experience yet.

You'll be able to participate in the most memorable duels from the animated movie and TV series, while taking control of several different characters each with their own fighting skills and unique abilities.

Comparatively, 'Jedi Alliance' for DS is a story-driven action adventure game that follows the characters from the TV show. It's fully stylus controlled, which somehow makes lightsaber combat more immersive. We're interested in how that works out.

In the game, players get to chose two Jedi from a line-up of six. One will be fully controlled by the player, with AI controlling the other. The pair will embark on a series of missions involving droids, Lightsaber wielding enemies and mini-games.

The characters have unique abilities too, and can be paired up to create different combinations to unlock new areas. Sounds a lot like Lego Star Wars to us, which isn't a bad thing.

Source: IGN