33 Infinite Undiscovery shots of awesome

Epic battle scenes from Square-Enix's gorgeous RPG inside

Turn-based RPG battles don't have to be slow, dull number games. Just check out these mental screens of Square's Infinite Undiscovery.

Giant tidal waves battering through crumbling buildings, massive explosions wrecking giant snakes, screen-filling flame effects on slashing swords, dragons raining down fireballs of death - it's all kicking off.

Developer Tri-Ace looks to be doing a bloody good job, and is due to have the game on shelves September 5 over here, too. FFXIII may be PS3-exclusive, but Xbox fans won't care if this is as actually as good as it looks.

These shots surfaced on a nice new official Japanese site well worth seeing. After this lot, you should check the game out in motion as well.