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MS quiet on 360 price drop talk

Autumn price drop just "rumour and speculation", retailers say "not likely"

Microsoft has brushed off rumours of Xbox 360 receiving another price drop this autumn as "rumour and speculation."

We've heard it a few times already but the next issue of EGM reports that MS will announce a price drop on 360 hardware this autumn. When exactly, isn't pinpointed.

The reports don't give any further details on how significant the drop might be, or to which SKUs, but they do say that Sony is also expected to follow with a cut of its own for PS3. It seems they could both after that magical price point of Wii.

As well as MS, who's keeping totally quiet on the matter, we pestered retailers who knew nothing of it and, in general, thought it highly unlikely considering the prices were only cut in March.

Sony was also unavailable for comment on the PS3 cut.

Update: As has been quite rightly pointed out in the comments, the US Xbox 360 has yet to receive a price cut like Europe. So maybe this could just be for North America?