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Siren gameplay videos

Three horror flicks of PSN's goriest game in action

Siren: Blood Curse has hit the PlayStation Network today. And we thought you might like to watch us stabbing some Japanese Zombies in the face. Who wouldn't?

As you may already know, Blood Curse is based roughly on the same events of the PS2 game, Forbidden Siren, but has new events, new characters, new gameplay features and of course some shiny new visuals.

As you work your way through the separately-release chapters, you take control of different characters in their own survival scenarios, which could either have you running scared from the Shibito (those zombies), or shooting their heads off.

It's dark, eerie, and is packed with gory violence and swearing. Yes, that's brilliant, but that does mean it's for 18-year-olds and over. And so are these videos. Not for little Jonny's eyes, okay.