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Spore Creatures total over a million in first week

That's a whole lot of Spore porn...

Over one million creatures have been created using the Spore Creature Creator within the first week alone.

The millionth creature was created by user FlamingChidori and was named Sapiusgeenus - a two-legged green creature that apparently kept its private parts tucked safely away. What a missed opportunity.

"Maxis is excited, humbled and inspired by the explosion of creativity that we've seen with the Spore Creature Creator online," said executive producer Lucy Bradshaw.

"I'm amazed at the creations I see getting uploaded to the Sporepedia, whether it's a realistic looking bird or animal, a 10-eyed alien, or something completely bizarre and unexpected like a creature that looks like a motorcycle."

Lucy neglected to name drop Boobalicious, whose creator was threatened with a ban.

The full game should be available in the UK on September 5. We can't wait to see what happens next.