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Key Force Unleashed devs laid off

Star Wars staffers cut down like younglings

In a move that would even make Emperor Palpatine blush with embarrassment, LucasArts has laid off key members of The Force Unleashed team just as they finished the games off, says a report.

According to one of the staffers who spoke to Joystiq, the personnel were long-time staff members who have worked on a number of key titles including X-Wing, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango.

The current internal team is now said to be insufficient for handling a sequel to The Force Unleashed, should it prove successful.

LucasArts is also developing a new Indiana Jones game internally. It's unclear whether this team has been affected. Whilst Lucas rep Margaret Grohne reiterated that the company was committed to its internal studio just two weeks ago, all evidence suggests otherwise.