EA sorry for broken Bad Company servers

Devs "monitoring stats non-stop" to come up with a fix

EA has apologised for persistent connection issues that have plagued Battlefield: Bad Company on Xbox 360 over the weekend, and says it's working on a fix.

"We are aware that some X360 players are having issues connecting to the Bad Company servers," acknowledges EA, saying in the theme of military message: "We've been monitoring stats non-stop and are working with several partners to locate any possible flashpoints and eradicate any hostiles we encounter."

We sure those of you who've experienced issues with the game won't be laughing.

There's no fix yet, but EA does have one suggestion. "Until we are ready to implement a permanent fix, a possible workaround is to turn off your console for approx. 20 minutes before turning it back on and connecting again."

It's funny - in the old days if a household appliance didn't work properly a good few thumps used to fix it, but in this digital age turning stuff off is the widely-suggested, mostly useless last resort.

A fix to come soon, we hope.