Lich King quests different to 'boar-killing'

No longer kill-30-of-this-number, according to PC Zone

The much criticised 'boar-killing' quests that plague World of Warcraft are on their way out, according to our friends on PC Zone.

Blogging live from Blizzard's Paris Worldwide Invitational, PC Zone has detailed a number of the early quests that players will experience when they first enter Vengeance Landing in the Howling Fjord.

Missions involving bombing-runs and feeding plaguehounds were mentioned as highlights of the hands-on, but even standard hunting missions appear to not be as generic as those previously seen.

Detailing one such quest, PC Zone wrote: "The available quest was a little different to your average kill-30-of-this number.

"I was required to hack up as many Vrykul as possible until three of their heroes spawned, who I needed to not only kill, but actively desecrate in their bloody deaths with a Forsaken flag."

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