PS3 Trophies "too late" for CoD4

Infinity Ward won't be adding PS3 Achievements to Call of Duty 4

PS3's long-awaited answer to Achievements, Trophies have arrived "too late" to be supported by the console's number one FPS Call of Duty 4, developer Infinity Ward has revealed.

The Trophies feature was added in the now pulled 2.4 firmware update, which also briefly added the long-awaited in-game XMB before Sony realised it was bricking some consoles.

In a post on its official forums, company spokesperson Fourzerotwo said that if support for the feature was available earlier, the developer would've loved to have supported it in its acclaimed FPS.

"At this time, we have no plans to patch in Trophy support for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for the PS3," the post reads. "Much like DualShock rumble addition to the PS3, the support for these new features have come much to late for us to add it to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare due to our current production schedule.

"We would have loved to have these in the game at launch if the support was available, or shortly after."

Sony's PSN boss Eric Lempel said the platform holder will fully support any developers who want to patch trophies into their games that are already on sale. Infinity Ward's decision doesn't give us much confidence in seeing many other devs going back for a retro-fit, though.

"We're fully supporting first and third parties that want to patch, and of course those that want to implement this system going forward with new titles," said Lempel.