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Viva Piņata 2 dated for September

Trouble in Paradise gets a date, new details revealed

Microsoft has dated Rare's family follow-up Viva Piņata: Trouble in Paradise, which will be in the shops on September 5.

The sequel is set to bolster the first game's quirky gardening with over 30 new piņata species, Vision Camera support and expanded co-op options.

MS has also revealed new details on Trouble in Paradise's new outside-of-the-garden environments, where you'll apparently need to lure and tempt piņatas to get them back into your garden.

In the chilly Pinartic for example you'll find Pengums and Polollybears, while in the Dessert Desert Camellos and Jameleons are waiting to be tempted from the sun.

The first game, bizarrely, still appears on the CVG team's Live status, so we're definitely up for giving this a look. What? Don't look at us like that.