New Halo game for E3

But it won't feature Master Chief, CVG is told

We all know Microsoft won't comment in rumour and speculation but it looks like the publisher is readying a new Halo unveiling for E3 in a few weeks. But will it feature everyone's favourite Chief? Not so, a source tells CVG.

According to a rumour on Sarcastic Gamer, the fourth instalment is already in development: "A very good and anonymous source tells us that Halo 4 is already in full development over at Bungie." Unfortunately there was no further info available on the franchise's movements.

But we've done a little digging of our own and reckon a new Halo game could be revealed at this year's E3.

Whether or not it'll be the Peter Jackson project or the previously rumoured third-person prequel, remains to be seen. Believe us we've tried poking, threatening, starving and even tickling to find out more. But nothing...

At the end of May we revealed that, even though most of Microsoft's E3 line-up had been blown all over the internet, there were still two unknown announcements. "According to well placed sources close to Microsoft, the publisher has two more 'big' Xbox 360 games to be revealed for its 2008 line-up." We're now certain that a new Halo title is going to be one of them. Speculate below.

In other Halo news it's been revealed that the new Cold Storage multiplayer map for Halo 3 will be available FOR FREE from July 7 on Xbox Live Marketplace. Result!