Burnout 'Cagney' update delayed

Only by four days for 360 while Sony Korea holds up the PS3 version

The Criterion team has posted an update about a slight delay to its Burnout 'Cagney' update.

An update explains: "We're sorry to announce that the Codename: Cagney update for Xbox 360 has been delayed by 4 days. The update is currently with Microsoft and is now on track to be released on July 14.

"The PlayStation 3 version of Cagney has been approved by Sony in the USA, Europe and Japan. We currently await approval by Sony in Korea. This means that the PlayStation 3 version of Cagney should release on July 10."

We're sure we'll live.

In other Burnout news the team wishes to assure Xbox 360 owners that the schedule of Game Calendar events broadcast via the game's Live Page will take into account this delay.

Apparently this means that although PlayStation 3 owners should receive Cagney on July 10, the Game Calendar events will not begin until the Cagney update is live on both systems. "Both systems will then get exactly the same schedule of events". Got that? Good.