Midnight Club: LA resurfaces, looks ace

Slightly delayed racer burns the Cali' tarmac in new screens

Following the news of its slight skid into October, Rockstar has released four new screenshots of the promising-looking Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

The open-city PS3 and 360 racer is now due for release on October 7 in North America and October 10 in Europe, and going from what we saw of it as Game Convention last year it should certainly turn a few heads when it arrives.

The racer's basically an even more technically impressive Test Drive Unlimited, slapping you behind the bonnet in a RAGE Engine-powered Hollywood that we can't even begin to imagine how Rockstar mapped out. We recognised actual pubs.


Rockstar is also working on a PSP spin-off called LA Remix, which is being handled by the Manhunt chaps at Rockstar London. We'll be impressed if that one's got the free-roaming Los Angles bit...