Next for the balance board - Wii Yoga

But Wii doubt Nintendo will let it keep that name for long...

Don't say you didn't see it coming; after the runaway success of Nintendo's girlfriend-favourite Wii Fit the clones are on the way... and the first to arrive is JoWood's 'Wii Yoga'.

The publisher says young at heart gamers will be able to experience the "favoured doctrine for mind, body and soul" with Wii Yoga, and promises a truly "unique" gaming experience unlike anything else. Apart from Wii Fit.

Other than that all we know is that it'll support the Wii Balance Board and is planned for release in Q2 next year. Basically, JoWood was getting in there first before anyone nicked the Yoga idea, then.

Unfortunately due to Nintendo's T&C's for naming games on its console, we doubt JoWood will get away with putting the word 'Wii' in its title. So look out for JoWood Yoga/We Yoga or whatever they decide to call it next year.