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Prince of Persia: Three new shots

Doesn't Ubi's "illustrative" art style look lovely...

Three new moderately-sized but gorgeous Prince of Persia screenshots have appeared on the internet, showing Ubisoft's "illustrative" art style in action.

The shots have been posted on the NeoGAF forum. As you can see the series' reboot takes a slightly more open-world approach than the last generation's trilogy of plaformers, allowing you to "cleanse" the world of corruption in any order that you wish, opening up different bonuses depending on the order that you choose.


Then there's also your AI partner Elika, who Ubisoft is promising will be a massive shake up for the series. Not all of her functions have been revealed yet, but we do know that she'll assist you in combat with spells and flips when called upon. She's got lovely wobs as well.

Read the latest Prince preview here, and look for it before the end of the year.