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Fatal Inertia hits PSN next week - no trophies

Koei's racer finally skids to PS3

The downloadable PSN version of 360 racer Fatal Inertia will be out on PSN next week, July 15, developer Koei has confirmed.

The 15 quid 'Ex' version of the futuristic racer was released in the US last month, and sports "new features and gameplay tweaks," says Koei, including changes to the game's difficulty which was criticised as being too high in the 360 version.

To help solve the issue, Fatal Inertia Ex includes a training venue with eight new tracks that should help train up rookie racers, so you can all stop moaning now.

There are no trophies to be won though, with a Koei rep telling us: "The addition of trophies to PS3 games was just too late for the development team to have time to include them before it was finished."

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