Bethesda: 'Over 40,000 lines of dialogue' in Fallout 3

Developers answer fan questions and spill a bunch of details

Bethesda has claimed that Fallout 3 will have over 40,000 lines of dialogue in the game, dwarfing the amount in the original game by about 20 times.

The amount puts it level pegging with Fable II, which we reported last month contains over 370,000 words of dialogue. If you accept that an average sentence length is ten words, it comes out about the same, which is a bit of a funny coincidence if you ask us.

The news came out of an interview responding to fan questions posted on the official forums. The answers contain a wealth of information for both fans of the original and those anticipating the game, which we've summarised here:

  • Slavery, children, drugs and addiction feature in the game
    Child killing will not be possible. If attacked, they run away and adults around turn on you
  • Most non-humans are hostile, but not all
  • A level editor will not be included with the PC version, but might become available in future as a free download
  • Character traits have been combined with Perks. You now receive one per level. There are around 100 of them, so in order to see them all you'll have to play through the game five times
  • Up to one companion (plus Dog Meat) will be able to join you. You'll be able to give them weapons and armour
  • Hand-to-hand combat hasn't been focused upon. It will be hard to complete the game without using weapons

Fallout 3 is scheduled to be released this winter.