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Latest Too Human shots

Silicon Knights' big 360 exclusive squares up to next month's launch

Too Human, the game that rivals Duke Nukem Forever in terms legendary development stretches, is almost, finally ready for release.

The 360 exclusive bruiser has been dated for August 19, and - in case you've managed to dodge its epic ten year 'conception' time - it's about a gritty Nordic future where machines battle bald blokes with massive hammers.

It's been getting some hit-and-miss feedback from the games press, but we enjoyed it for what it is when we played it earlier this year - a decent co-op hack 'n slasher.

You can check out the latest video via this link, and look out for more hands-on impressions and our verdict shortly.

Phew. A whole Too Human story without mentioning the Epic lawsuit or NeoGAF. We deserve some Chewits for that.