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Wolfenstein to debut at E3?

PC Gamer's next month page drops MASSIVE hint on the Raven Software-developed FPS...

It looks like the next instalment in id Software's Wolfenstein FPS series is about to come out of cover, if a tease in the current issue of PC Gamer UK is anything to go by.

On its 'next month' page for the world to see - pictured on the right of this page - you can clearly (or not so clearly, depending on how well you can squint) see a big old head from Wolfenstein 3D with "He's Back" slapped on top. Subtle.

We've know that a "next-gen" Wolfenstein is in the pipeline for some time now, with Quake IV and Jedi Knight III developer Raven Software at the helm. But the PCG tease is the first we've heard since this video from QuakeCon, which promised massive environments and and Xbox 360 version for the next game.


With E3 just around the corner, we can almost guarantee that you'll hear something about the new Wolfenstein game next week.

One piece of information on the new Wolf' concerns the appearance of an "elite force assassin", with actor Carrie Coon divulging her motion capture experience for the character...

"They had me kind of bust through doors with big guns and pretend I was an assassin being that didn't have a spine and club a body of something on the ground and sniff it," Coon explained to Yahoo News. "You know, it was one of the most bizarre audition experiences I've ever had in my life." It sounds like it.

The next issue of PC Gamer is on sale July 31.