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Duke Nukem 3D XBLA packs co-op, new gameplay

Leaked pictures hit the net, Duke on his way to XBLA soon?

Two pictures have cropped up online allegedly revealing Duke Nukem 3D in the Xbox Live Arcade dashboard, with new features tipped for the remake.

Last February, 3D Realms boss Scott Miller confirmed that a downloadable version of the 1996 game would be soon coming to XBLA, with online multiplayer support, achievements, Xbox Live score boards and a co-op mode.

We've heard nothing since then, but today Joystiq received two screenshots from the dashboard. They showed off the achievements for the game, an ESRB rating and even a symbol for Vision Cam support.

Whilst there's a possibility the screenshots are fake, we've run our eyes over them and can't see any obvious signs of photoshopping.

An announcement soon, maybe? As with everything at the moment, all eyes should turn towards E3...