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Captain Rainbow first trailer and details

Wii title from creators of Chibi-Robo!

Nintendo is set to publish Captain Rainbow, the latest creation of Chibi-Robo! developer, skip Ltd.

Captain Rainbow follows everyman Nick through his adventures as he takes on the alter-ego of the Captain, a star of a television show in Mameruka. Unfortunately for him, the ratings have tanked. To improve his show, he heads of to somewhere called Mimin Island.

It only gets more bizarre. The residents of Mimin are characters from the Nintendo family. As in, distant relatives Mario probably doesn't even have on his Christmas card list. The only one we recognised was Birdo, who for some reason has a male voice.

As of yet Nintendo has not confirmed any gameplay details, but events like fishing, bug collecting and golf definitely feature. We suggest you watch the trailer. It's bonkers.