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Dead Rising 2: The best PR response ever?

Capcom comments on not commenting on Dead Rising rumours. No comment

It seems that persistent internet rumours pointing to a possible Dead Rising sequel - just like the zombies - won't die. But at least we've got more than usual PR response...

Here's what Capcom's UK office had to say (or not) on the sequel rumours:

"We don't comment on speculation and rumour. And you know we don't comment on speculation and rumour. So why are you asking me to comment on speculation and rumour?

"I should think that our policy on speculation and rumour is fairly well known by now and as such, any request by you for me to comment on speculation and rumour will result in no comment. So no comment, because this is purely speculation and rumour."

Quite clear. We won't be asking again...

The latest reports on the supposed sequel cropped up last night, this time speculating that the zombie-thwomping follow-up moves from a mid-America shopping mall over to glitzy Las Vegas. Sounds like a good change to us.

Just like word that the sequel is coming, rumours that development has moved outside of Capcom's Japanese HQ over to a US studio also refuse to die. If 'sources' are to be believed, Blue Castle Games, the dev that did 'The Bigs' for 2K, is in charge.

Capcom confirmed its E3 lineup yesterday, including word that a secret game called 'Flock' will make it's debut at the show. No sign of Dead Rising, though.

Let's see what other responses we can get from publishers who aren't allowed to say anything whe we call them up. Can any beat Capcom?