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E3: Nintendo

Article: The turn of the hardcore gamer?

At the last two shows Nintendo has had hardware and exciting new peripherals. But this year it's all about the games.

Wii has, on the most part, been a console for your mum and little sister. But we're hoping this will be the year Nintendo unleashes some real gaming gems that'll bring back the hardcore. Or at least wipe the dust off and plug it in again.

First though, the most definitive tips for announcements so far are Animal Crossing and Wii Music. Animal Crossing has been all but confirmed for E3.

Considering comments made by producer Katsuya Eguchi and rumours in Edge , we're expecting WiiConnect24 to play a major part in the new Animal Crossing.


Eguichi speculated in 2006 that "you could have someone visit your town even when you weren't actively playing and maybe leave you a letter or a gift. Also, through Wi-Fi Connection, players could play simultaneously."

Wii Music is also bound to make an appearance. So far we've only seen a few screenshots, so we expect concrete information on how it will work and again, if we're going to get any more crazy controller peripherals.

Our money is on something like the musical making capabilities of Guitar Hero: World Tour, but for your mum and dad.

For the hardcore, Reggie has gone on record saying "there's gonna be a big game for the holiday that gamers will want." There's a number of possibilities, but we're hoping that the E3 Airplane game originally tapped to sit amongst Tennis and Bowling in Wii Sports finally sees the light of day.

Kid Icarus though, is well on the cards. Factor 5 president Julian Eggebrecht confirmed recently that the company is developing a non-Virtual Console game for Wii.

Since then, a number of designs for an adult Icarus have emerged. Of course, before the Wii launched the company was supposedly playing around with Pilotwings Wii. Is there a link to the Airplane game, perhaps?

If internet chatter is to be believed, F-Zero is also a possibility. Back in April, rumours surfaced that F-Zero Z would be revealed at E3. If true, we could see all the tracks of F-Zero GX make it in there (along with plenty of new ones we presume), a weapons system and even an online mode. Sounds great, but we're not sure about guns.


There are a number of other possibilities for Reggie's mystery big 'hardcore' game too. Pikmin 3 would work well on Wii and we'd especially like to pilot one of Star Fox's Arwings using the remote.

Of the titles we already know about, we've got to see more of Wario Land: The Shake Dimension. There's little out there about the game, despite it being scheduled for release in September. The latest footage depicts it as an old-school 2D platform game. A hands-on session should confirm whether or not it plays like one.

Fatal Frame IV will also be present in Los Angeles in some sort of playable form. The game comes out at the end of this month in Japan, so there's no reason a demo won't be seen in Nintendo's section of the floor. New screenshots recently posted on the official site continue to spook us.

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