First Wolfenstein screens, gameplay details

Set in WWII, super powers and alternate dimensions. Hmm...

The first images and info on id Software's next Wolfenstein game have emerged.

The game will throw you into a WWII setting against the Nazis, not just with some grubby old guns but with a selection of supernatural powers to use against the enemy, according to a Game Informer report (via NeoGAF).

New Wolfenstein is said to place you in a non-linear open city environment, with new areas of the city opening up as you complete various missions objectives.

You will also encounter randomly-triggered events that can alter parts of the city, blocking off paths and presumably forcing you to find alternative routes.


To make things even more interesting, you'll apparently be able to enter an alternate-reality version of the city called The Shroud, from where the Nazis are drawing their power.

This comes after UK magazine PC Gamer teased a preview of the game on its next month page, that issue going on sale July 31.

It looking decent enough, despite the grubby quality of the screens up on your right (and you can see more of where they came from here).