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Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts 'N Bolts

Hands-On: A new direction and plenty of nostalgia

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If you still can't keep up you can share blueprints with the other player to use the vehicle they made.

With this sharing aspect in place, Banjo-Kazooie basically becomes LittleBigPlanet on a smaller scale, providing massive potential for a bustling community and even more incredible vehicles appearing online every day. And from what Rare showed us from its creation catalogue, we fully expect to see some crazy stuff...

Every Star Wars vehicle and every Star Trek spaceship imaginable has been made by the Rare test team, our aide tells us.

Among the dev team's favourites are "a giant Godzilla with a flame thrower in its mouth", and "a proper, working space shuttle that lifts off upright and detaches its boosters." Because it's all proper, physics-based building, the potential for stuff you can come up with is massive.

As big Banjo fans, we're glad we got the chance to be won over by the Nuts 'N Bolts' radical vehicle formula first hand. We don't expect any fellow Kazooie enthusiasts to be convinced in a similar way by our words, but just wait until you play it for yourselves - we couldn't be much more excited. The signatures on our mint Banjo-Tooie box prove it.

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