E3: The Xbox E3 No-Shows

Article: What Microsoft didn't show us...

Read our pre-E3 Microsoft predictions and you'll find little there that we didn't get absolutely right during our Mystic Meg crystal ball-gazing. Not including FFXIII (did anyone see that coming?).

Alright, it's a bit unfair to gloat seeming as the vast majority of its announcements leaked all over the internet last month. And indeed there was more than one no-show during the Xbox pre-E3 festivities - some which we considered a near-cert to prop up Microsoft's show.

We'd like to know what happened to this lot...

The Motion Controller


The most hotly tipped product to be unveiled at E3 and also the most obvious no-show on our list is the 'Newton' Xbox 360 motion controller, tipped by many sources as "definitely" appearing at E3.

We reckon too many outlets have thrown their keys into the hat to pass this one off as a fake rumour for now. Perhaps Microsoft's decided to hold the peripheral's unveiling back until later in the year, or maybe its transformed into something else entirely...

Halo 4 / Bungie's new project


Another Microsoft secret tipped by multiple press sources is the mysterious fourth Halo game, said to be a squad shooter sans series protagonist Master Chief.

To be fair, there's a countdown clock on Bungie's website - could the unveiling of its new project happen after all?

Forza 3


The third in Turn 10's racing series was seemingly revealed in the massive Microsoft leak last month, but surprisingly hasn't been mentioned once during E3.

Leaked documentation described the latest instalment as being so big that it needed to ship on two DVDs to house its 100-plus race courses. We still expect official word on this soon.

Banjo XBLA


We saw it with our own eyes, being played right in front of us last week, but the only reason anyone outside of the press knows Banjo-Kazooie XBLA exists is because Shane Kim made a passing mention of it during his press conference chatter.

No footage, no screenshots - not even any details. But as we mentioned before, the XBLA version sports Achievements, Leaderboards and even a slight graphical touch up. Xbox.com's even gone and confirmed that the vetoed Stop 'n Swap feature's back in. We can't wait.

Alan Wake


We're so tired of noting Alan Wake's absence from major Xbox press events that it's not even funny. The last time we saw the 360 and PC psycho thriller was back at X06 almost two years ago.

The absence has led to plenty of speculation that the game has been canned, though developer Remedy promises it's still in development, even going far as stating that the "the media blackout won't continue for too much longer." Though that was back in April when it said that...

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