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E3: Reggie: 'How could core gamers feel left out?'

You've got GTA DS and Animal Crossing, says NoA boss man

Traditional 'core' Wii gamers (or: everyone who reads this website) may have been disappointed by the particularly Mii-heavy announcements of Nintendo's E3 press conference last night, but boss Reggie Fils Aimes can't see any reason why the Nintendo hardcore should feel left out.

Speaking to G4 after the press conference, where the company unveiled Wii Sports Resort, Wii Music and Animal Crossing: City Folk, Reggie said that Animal Crossing and GTA DS should be enough to please 'core' gamers.

"How could you feel left out? The Animal Crossing that we've been hearing about that people wanted," he said. "Fully connected to the Internet, go to other people's towns. Plus as I said, Grand Theft Auto on the DS. How do you feel left out with those types of announcements?


"Make no mistake, Mr. Iwata said quite clearly: Mario teams, Zelda teams are working, they're bringing product out for Wii this generation," he added. "We're going to continue to bring all our best franchises to both of our key platforms and continue driving that experience both core as well as brand new consumers."

We were actually quite excited by some of Nintendo's 'casual' titles, but no offense Reggie; Animal Crossing was barely a core title on the GameCube, let alone with Mii masks and beauty salons. And as for GTA DS, show us more than a logo and we might have something to get excited about. Hopefully we'll get to see the Mario and Zelda teams' work soon. -

We're sure the 'core' gamers will speak for us in the comments field below.