Sony says nothing on 'PSP 3000'

New PSP said to feature mic, new buttons, but Sony isn't saying anything

Images have emerged of what's claimed to be an upcoming hardware update for the PSP, sporting new buttons and a built in microphone.

The pics, which cropped up on Chinese forum PSPChina (via Kotaku), show the new 'PSP 3000' shell complete with 'PS button' in place of the old 'home' one and a tiny microphone off to the side.

The metallic ring on the UMD drive on the back of the console is also thinner, possibly keeping the handheld more stable on flat surfaces.


The PSP Slim & Lite, which is much lighter than it is thinner, only hit the shops last year.

For brand consolidation reasons it'd make perfect sense to switch the 'home' button out for the PS3's version, and the other changes aren't exactly earth shattering, so we reckon this update could be plausible.

We've just got off the phone with Sony Computer Entertainment's UK office though and it's dishing out a straight "no comment" on the PSP 3000 pics. Predictable.

Check out the pics on the right.