Resi 5 confirmed for Wii (by Sega)

A "simple slip of the tongue" from Sega of America president, Simon Jeffrey

Resident Evil 5 is coming to Wii, apparently. But it's not Nintendo or Capcom that let it slip. It was the president of Sega of America, Simon Jeffrey.

Discussing Nintendo's focus on the core gaming market, Jeffrey said: "The Wii's selling incredible amounts of hardware, but Nintendo knows it needs to expand the demographic. It needs to connect with the core gaming demographic."

He then added: "Resident Evil 5 - when that happens on the Wii that's going to help."

We scrambled for the phone to speak with Capcom who's 'funny' spokesperson gave us this comment: "We have nothing further to announce regarding Resident Evil 5 at this time," adding, sarcastically: "Did you hear about the Sonic MMO, though, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, DS and Megadrive? And they're bringing back the Dreamcast! Because it was brilliant."

Jeffrey insists the shocking statement during the Kotaku interview was a "simple slip of the tongue", and Reggie says Resi 5 isn't happening "yet".
Still, makes you wonder what Sega may know that we don't...