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First footage of footy MMO

Free to play Football Superstars unveiled inside

Football Superstars is an MMO footy game created by CyberSports in a nutshell. The game recently went 'feature complete' the developer CyberSports reckons it'll have the game out the door this summer after a short beta phase.

Basically the game chucks football into a persistent world where you play as yourself. You can take part in three-, five-, seven- and 11-a-side matches, there's off-pitch interaction stuff, all of which is intended to combine together to allow you to live the football superstar lifestyle.

"The player will exist in a persistent football-themed world and be able to join or form and manage their own teams and careers whilst engaging in various leagues, competitions, events and tournaments", explains CyberSports.


We're also told, "The lifestyle area of the game will be a first for the genre too. Success on the pitch will bring the player the additional bonuses of experience and fame as well as monetary assets that can all be utilised in the lifestyle world."

Whether or not there's a roasting option in the menu remains to be seen. Anyway, we've got out goalie gloves on a new movie (that you can watch in the movie player to your right) that shows off what the game's about.

If you're interested in signing up and want to know more, hit this link and head on over to the Football Superstars website.