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EA to enter TV market

MySims set to be turned into an animated TV series

EA wants a slice of the prime time pie and has hired a specialist agency to help it conquer TV land. Looks like Hollyoaks' days are numbered...

EA has enlisted the help of a company called United Talent Agency to help it break into movies and TV series. Your games won't just stay games for much longer, by the looks of it.

United Talent Agency has been signed up with the sole purpose of helping EA break into TV and movies. According to the San Jose Business Journal the Beverly Hills-based firm got the gig in order to "forge the necessary connections" in the world of production and financing.

Basically EA wants "into the realm of large-budget motion pictures and television series". And why not? There's bound to be a shed load of cash involved if it's done right.

UTA sticks up for actors, writers, directors, producers and other workers in the film, television, music, publishing and video game businesses, so it seems to know what it's doing. EA didn't go any further in its announcement of the new move other than to say that UTA will assist with such projects as an animated TV series based on Wii's MySims game.

So, what other EA games would (and wouldn't) make good TV shows then? Sound off below.

Source: San Jose Business Journal