Europe makes up "less than a quarter" of Xbox Live

I don't think Europe is ready to lead an online life through the TV, says Xbox Euro VP Chris Lewis

Europe makes up "less than a quarter" of Xbox Live's total membership, mostly down to language differences, Euro Xbox VP Chris Lewis has revealed.

Speaking in the latest issue of Edge, Lewis said this expectedly leaves the US with "the lion's share" of Xbox Live users.

"We don't normally break out the European element of our Live membership," said Lewis. "I mean, I know what it is, but I don't want to get rapped on the knuckles by being too explicit with you. I will say to you as a percentage of that overall total, it's just less than a quarter.

"And I'll tell you also that a large part of that is in the UK," he continued, "partly because of the language aspect, the fact is you need, on a community service like Live, enough people of a similar language orientation to get a community so that it starts to really blow out.

"Up until fairly recently we just haven't had enough on the service for non-English-speaking folks. In France, for example, we've only recently started to get figures where you've got enough French-speaking folks getting a rich enough experience to talk about it meaningfully to their friends. "

When asked if he thought Europe is ready for leading an online life through its living room TV, rather than a PC, Lewis responded that he didn't think it is, but that he thinks "the time is now".

"The whole industry is getting really close to the inflection point where that's what people just crave and I just know that we will offer the best experience," he said. "I just know we are so well placed to continue and invest and develop the service like nobody else can."

Issue 192 of Edge is on sale now.