Buy more Okami (so we get a sequel)

Original needs to sell more before a sequel gets the green light

Fans gagging for an Okami sequel might need to go on a huge (unpaid) marketing push to help Capcom do its job and sell more copies of the original.

A US Capcom rep has said that more Okami sales are needed before any sequel is considered. "I think we need a lot more people buying the current version before we seriously consider a sequel," said Christian Svensson, (deep breath) corporate officer/VP of strategic planning & business development (and breathe).


Some forum users brought up the fact that they can't even find to game on shop shelves to buy. "We bring things to retailers to sell... retailers decide what to put on their shelf and how much of it. Obviously, we push as hard as we can to make that happen. Sometimes retailers opt to not take product or they take only a small quantity." Svensson added that "how good the game is, unfortunately is only a part of the equation." A worrying statement if ever there was one.

Presumably it sold enough on PS2 for the board to green light the Wii port. But it looks like it's run into a bit of trouble with Wii's audience. Shame as it's an awesome game. Maybe they should try and market along the lines of Nintendogs, with wolves?

Here are 64 Wii shots to help convince the world it needs a sequel!