Uncharted trophies imminent

47 trophies tied into the medal system

Naughty Dog has confirmed that a patch introducing trophies to Uncharted: Drake's Fortune will be released imminently.

Forty seven trophies will be up for grabs and a 48th trophy will be awarded should a player manage to find all of them.

They will be awarded for things as diverse as finding treasures, getting a hundred headshots or defeating fifty enemies in a row without dying.

The trophies will be tied to the medal rewards system and the requirements to get each trophy will be exactly the same as the one for the associated medal. We never saw that coming...

Finally - and of no surprise here - the trophies will not be retroactive. "We originally left our save games unlocked and portable so gamers could move them off the hard drive and their existing game elsewhere or show off some of the unlocked content at a friend's house," Naughty Dog frontman Arne Meyer told IGN.

"This type of portability would have allowed gamers to get Trophies unfairly and we couldn't let that happen. To receive Trophies in Uncharted you will have to start a brand new save game without any medals or rewards unlocked."

We'll let you know when it's time to stick Uncharted back in and give it another go. Thank goodness it's seriously worth a second play.