Giant Enemy Crab

The legend lives on...

Three years ago at Sony's E3 conference, Genji producer Bill Ritch took to the stage to show off his new game; a moment that'll be forever etched in time as one of the most embarrassing, cringeworthy moments in the history of videogames. It was, of course, the infamous Giant Enemy Crab speech, where Bill explained that Genji was based on real events from Japanese history, only to immediately follow his claim with "So, here's this giant enemy crab. I'm going to flip it over and attack its weak spot for massive damage."

Here's a video of the presentation, complete with awesome drum and bass remix action.

But the crab's legacy lives on in popular culture...

- In MotorStorm there's a set of races called 'Giant Enemy Crab'.

- In Final Fantasy V Advance, the description of the Gladiator finisher reads "powerful strike that attacks an enemy's weak spot for massive damage".

- In God Hand there's a reference to a 'giant enemy crane', and one of the racing dogs is called 'Massive Damage'.

- On the end credits for PSN game Super Stardust HD, a message reads "may all your giant enemy crabs belong to your weak spot for massive damage".

- A skill in a Korean RPG Granado Espada is described with; "impales enemy for massive damage".

- Virtua Fighter 5's Brad Burns has "weak spot: massive damage" as his personal quote in quest mode.

- In Heavenly Sword, Kai interrogates an enemy commander for a password that she needs. When the commander declines, she points her crossbow at his groin and says "Perhaps I'll hit your weak point... for massive damage!"

- In Monster Hunter Freedom 2 there is a quest named 'Giant enemy crab', where you must battle a crab-like enemy.

- In RuneScape, if you talk to your giant crab pet while wearing a Crab claw or Crab helmet it will say that you can't hit it for massive damage.

- In the Springfield Zoo level of The Simpsons Game, a sign states that the Giant Ancient Crab exhibit is "closed due to massive damage".

Have you found any more references to our favourite, over sized crustacean?