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No Portal on PSN says Valve

Still Alive still an Xbox 360 exclusive, Valve tells CVG

Valve has dismissed rumours that its upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title Portal: Still Alive will come to PS3's PlayStation Network eventually.

"I'd call that today's rumor," a Valve spokesperson told CVG when quizzed on the subject. Today's rumour, but tomorrow's news, we said. "You're smart to ask. But no," Valve told us.

That's that then. Speaking to Official Xbox Magazine at E3, Valve's Doug Lombardi said on the subject of Still Alive coming to PC, that it was "exclusive to Xbox 360 in 2008." Sounds like that's possible then.

In case you've missed it so far, Still Alive is simply a downloadable version of the excellent Orange Box game complete with extra challenges. There's nothing new in the way of story, but we're willing to pay for it a second time anyway.

Valve is yet to (single-handedly at least) develop for the PlayStation 3. It's next shooter, Left 4 Dead, is out on PC and Xbox 360 at the end of the year.