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Jet Set Radio skating back to life?

Sega re-trademarks Dreamcast graffiti game...

The much-loved Jet Set Radio series could be about to make a comeback, if recent trademarks made by the company are anything to go by.

Sega recently re-filed its trademark for 'Jet Grind Radio' (the US name for the series), making reference to "downloadable game programs", "game programs for use with mobile phones", and "game programs for use with hand-held game machines."

According to Kotaku though, it overheard an interesting tidbit at the recent Comic Con event that the series was being reincarnated for Wii. Let's hope there's less waggle and more awesome Japanese hip hop.

The skate 'n graffiti series kicked off on the Dreamcast, later returning for a sequel Jet Set Radio Future for the Xbox launch. It has you playing as rebellious, cell-shaded youths challenged with skating around town 'tagging' everything they can, all while avoiding the cops.

When we picked up the phone Sega UK was unavailable for comment.