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New Wolfenstein footage

15 shots and a trailer from QuakeCon

15 new screenshots and a trailer showing off id and Raven's new Wolfenstein have emerged from QuakeCon, which is going on right now. No sleep 'till the frag limit's been hit either.

The new game is once again set in WWII with those pesky Nazis tinkering around with the paranormal like they're Ghostbusters or something. This time though the Nazis have only gone and opened up a supernatural world with all sorts of crazy green crap going on (look at the screens for proof). When will they learn?

The action isn't just limited to a castle either (just like the last one). It also takes place across a non-linear open city environment with new areas opening up as you complete various missions objectives.

Still, we'd rather have the zombies back, please. Let us know what you think of it all in the comments section below.