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Microsoft STILL hiring for Halo Chronicles

Peter Jackson's Halo looking for creative director - shouldn't it be finished by now?

"Microsoft Game Studios' Halo team is looking for a superstar Creative Director to help develop a new experience in the Halo universe," that's how the unnamed job ad that's cropped up on various industry sites this morning kicks off.

"The Creative Director for this team will need to define and drive a vision that takes a beloved IP and delivers a new and innovative experience," the ad for the mysterious game continues.

Candidates will be required to "bridge the gap between storytelling and the interactive experience while delivering on the Halo soul." He or she will also need to "partner with key Hollywood talent to collaboratively craft a masterful game experience."

Sound like Peter Jackson's long talked-up Halo Chronicles, doesn't it?

The ad makes no specific reference as to which game it is for - other than a Halo game, obviously - but if it is Jackson's project we're for one quite disappointed. We first heard about the game/film/thing in 2006 and haven't seen anything since. Surely they've done some work by now?