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PC Gamer's Top 100, part 2

Feature: More of the most cherished PC games ever

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53 Doom II

Doom II was bigger, better, faster, more... Have id ever really matched the pacing, the level design and atmosphere that made this such a gripping game? It's still fun to blast through its levels, even if they're not quite as scary these days.

Tim says "There are moments when Doom II just doesn't have a care in the world: where the level design flits between gimmick and sublime. It's for this that we chose it over the original."

52 Guild Wars

An MMO without monthly fees? Who'd want to play that? Millions of you, apparently. Beautiful worlds and characters plus a novel system of instancing - only towns are truly massively multiplayer - make this a pleasantly different MMO.

Tim says "Every time the devs put out one of their standalone expansions, they raise their own quality bar. It's a credit to their commitment that, even today, they refuse to charge a fee."

51 Audiosurf

Audiosurf is a prime example of the flip side to today's multimillion-dollar, multi-platform games development industry. The PC is the only platform where indie developers can still stand a chance against the big-budget releases, the only means they have of reaching an audience.

While the consoles restrict what developers can do, PC indie developers can do anything. So they do weird things like Audiosurf.

Load it up, and select a music track - one of your own, any audio file you have on your PC. The game makes a race-course out of it, and propels you along it, in the form of a little sci-fi vehicle.

Pick up or avoid coloured blocks for high score, with your chosen tune pumping out of your speakers and the pace and bumps in the track reflecting that tune's beats and tempo. It's the ultimate marriage of game and music, and its creator Dylan Fitterer did it all himself.

Craig says "Girls Aloud - Biology, Ninja Mono. Go on, give it a go. It's perfect. Audiosurf added colour and verve to the grey palette of PC games, flickering neon to all the beats of my favourites. Even Radiohead seem joyous when filtered through Audiosurf."

Tim says "I love how Audiosurf exploits the unique advantages of the PC, with connectivity to uber-music site, scoreboards for every song, and the ability to import your own mp3s."

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