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Fallout 3 cut for Australian release?

A non-drugs version will be made for the country says report

Fallout 3 may well see the light of the Australian day after all. It appears that the OFLC might have given it a rating.

Whilst we have yet to receive official word, Gamer Chip is reporting that both Electronic Boutique and Game store representatives are now taking pre-orders for the title.

Much like Grand Theft Auto IV, the site is also reporting that the game is being modified to get a rating.

Drug use will be removed, but to what extent we're not sure. Certainly taking out anti-radiation drugs would have a massive detrimental effect on the gameplay.


As we imagine Australian Game stores won't answer phones due to them being closed by now, but we've contacted Bethesda and are waiting the official word.

The release will no doubt anger the politicians who fully supported the ban. In a recent TV show, one Senator said: "You can't say just because you can see it, therefore you should be allowed to see it, otherwise you legalize snuff movies and all sorts of profane things which I don't think take our society ahead."