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PC Gamer's Top 100, part 3

Feature: Another selection of excellence

PC Gamer continues to list its Top 100 of all time. Today we see what's between 50 and 26.

To vote for your favourite game, check out the PC Gamer Top 100 website and the magazine will reveal the results this autumn.

50 Alien Vs Predator

This shooter generates more fear and tension than almost any other game we know. It's still terrifying to be stalked down a corridor by an Alien while playing as a Marine, and surprisingly scary when playing as the xenomorph too - even though you can stick to walls, you don't have guns.

Alec says "Just say the word 'Stranded' to anyone who loved AvP and they'll turn all misty-eyed on the spot and start jabbering on incoherently about bunkers and switches... An absolutely unforgettable experience."

49 Ultima Underworld ii

Back when 3D graphics were some kind of witchcraft, UUII gave us the first freely explorable first-person world. All the key RPG ingredients are here and it's defiantly a Garriott game.

Tony says "The freedom to walk around in 3D was revolutionary enough, but UUII gave me all sorts of other freedoms too. The freedom to cast the spells I wanted, the freedom to use the skills I wanted - the freedom to be me, living by my wits in a fantasy world."

48 Trackmania United Forever

This racer is simplistic at first glance, but quickly reveals its subtleties: soon you find yourself obsessively shaving fractions of a second off your lap times. Forget realism: mile-high jumps and mid-air control are where it's at.

Graham says "It's the instant restart. Round a corner, crash, restart. Hit a jump, miss the landing, restart. It's so easy to try again that I get stuck in an infinite loop, playing a track a thousand times for that moment when I finally get the gold medal."

47 GTA: Vice City

Unashamedly vibrant, Vice City is a cartoon to the later games' live-action movies. It's still bloody and definitely adult, but leavened with carefree silliness, sunshine and tight design.

Ross says "It's the little bits of action that draw me back. Pinching a chopper and raising hell with the cops. Finding new jumps to propel a motorbike off. Or just cruising in a Comet. It's all good."

46 Mass Effect

The makers of Baldur's Gate long ago moved into space, and Mass Effect eclipses even their excellent KotOR. It creates a detailed, original universe and remarkably convincing characters.

Tom says " I blew through it with the imperious obnoxiousness of a real captain, bellowing at my crew, having lesbian sex with aliens and punching people in the face. Screw your moral dilemma, civilian! I have work to do."

45 Dungeon Keeper

"Evil Is Good," proclaimed the advertising, and it was. You managed a dungeon into which goody-goody adventurers would break. Recruiting monsters, training them and setting them on the heroes was refreshingly novel fun.

Alec says "It's the sound as much as anything... the creepy silence you'd expect from a bestial lair carved beneath the earth. The crazed wail of a dropped warlock. The distant jabber of an imp carving through a wall to discover angry Heroes behind it..."

44 Supreme Commander

The backlash to the RTS backlash, defiantly giving us massive scale, six-hour battles and sprawling bases. The rewards for patient players are huge armies of vast robots lumbering across continent-sized maps.

Tim says "Recipe for the perfect evening: take one of SupCom's largest maps, six opponents and one bottle of good red wine. By the time the booze starts to kick in, you should have an army of a trillion robots. March forward. Enjoy fireworks. Fall off chair."

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