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Saints Row Wii would be a bad idea

It feels like you're using weapons on Wii says Volition

Saints Row developer Volition is shying off making a Wii version of its crime-em-up because - among other reasons - it would create controversy, says the developer.

"I'm sure it would," producer Dan Sutton told CVG in an interview. "With games like ours you get much more controversy when you add motion controls like you saw with Manhunt 2.

"We have weapons like chainsaws, satchel charges, stuff like that. I can definitely see people having a problem and outcry towards that because it does actually feel like you're using weapons that way."

But by the sound of things, angry Daily Mail mums isn't the only reason Saints Row Wii isn't on the release list...

"I'd say that [the Nintendo E3 press conference] was definitely underwhelming," Sutton told CVG.

"At Volition we're really about pushing really good graphics and with the Wii you just fell like you're playing on an older console," he said. "We're definitely focused on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

"In Manhunt it feels like you're hacking at somebody, though I suppose that was a bit more over the top than our game was. But yeah, I definitely think you'd get criticism for that in our game, GTA and Crackdown."