Id talks up canned game - too dark, too Doom

"We would have been keeping Doom 3's faults," says John Carmack of 'Darkness'

id Software's John Carmack and Matt Hooper have been discussing the studio's big-budget game Darkness. Never heard of it? That's because it was buried in the darkness over a year ago for treading familiar ground.

At last year's Leipzig show id CEO Todd Hollenshead told us that the then-new Id Tech 5 engine was intended for something that never saw light of day.

"We actually started working on another game and as the technical direction was made clear we decided to go in a different direction," he told us, adding, "As technology evolved it basically got about a year into it and effectively we said 'we're going to throw all that away and start a new project'."

Darkness looks to be that project and it was going to be a survival horror title that started with a plane crash on an island. We're shitting ourselves just thinking about that. Apparently there would have been lots of bits that made you jump and lots and lots of darkness. A bit like Doom III then. id put 18 months into its development before calling it a day and moving on to what we know as Rage.

"We would have been keeping Doom 3's faults," Carmack told ShackNews, who agreed that complaints of the "contrived nature of monsters hiding in closets" and overly dark environments of Doom 3 were "completely valid." Carmack also said that poor sales of pure survival horror games factored into the decision.

Read the full report here. Of a game you'll never play. Still, interesting stuff.