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Left 4 Dead: "No PS3 version in production"

Valve dismisses reports of an EA-handled port

Valve has dashed reports that a PS3 version of its co-op zombie shooter Left 4 Dead is being handled by EA.

A company spokesperson told CVG, "There's no PS3 version currently in production." So there you are then.

Valve is currently developing the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the exciting-looking shooter in house - just as it did with The Orange Box - while the PS3 has been left out in the cold.

The developer has a bit of history with Sony's console; Valve boss Gabe Newell even famously called the PS3 "a waste of everybody's time".

Marketing man Doug Lombardi told us earlier this year, "We're not PS3 developers - we're doing PC and 360 like with Orange Box. EA came to us and said 'Wow, Orange Box was an incredible project, can we do a PS3 version?'

"Left 4 Dead doesn't have that guaranteed appeal yet - it's a new IP," Lombardi explained. "If you mention a new Half-Life, people want to make as many versions of it as possible. If Left 4 Dead is big, then we may see a PS3 version later, or if and when we do a sequel, people may be more interested in that."

If you're a PS3 owner you might have to get yourself a half-decent PC for Left 4 Dead then, which is looking fantastic by the way.