Godfather II: First details

Three cities, RTS elements for mobster follow-up

The first details of EA's Godfather II have emerged, in the latest issue of Xbox World 360 magazine which hits newsstands today.

Described as "Scarface meets Total War", the second game is said to be less of a GTA-clone and more of a sandbox game with RPG, RTS and erm, board game elements.

The action takes place across three 1960s-era cities (Miami, Havana and good old New York), and the once again focuses more on bullying depot bosses than driving boats and helicopters (of which there are none).

From the screenshots the on-foot stuff looks familiar, only the characters and classes have been expanded significantly.


Six are lined up for the final game; bruiser, demolitions expert, arsonist, medic, safe cracker and engineer. Each and every character is said to have their own background and one of twelve different 'personalities'. So a bruiser for example might have an alcohol problem, and swig bottles during brawls in bars.

At any time in the game you can jump into 'Don's View', from where you can distribute your resources, check out the competition and plan your various illegal deeds. From there you can zoom down to the normal on-foot position and get your hands dirty with the new, totally free-aim shooting mechanics.

The 'board game' stuff comes in the form of perks. Raid and wrestle an oil refinery from a rival family for example, and you'll be rewarded with bullet proof vests or an armoured car for your family. Other business will give you a percentage stake in their earnings, so more cash for your street war effort.

'Sting cards' are also handed out for completing sabotage missions, such as smashing up a dinner and planting incriminating evidence, which will in turn get a rival family member chucked in jail for a certain amount of time.

As you can imagine the opportunity for an online mode and rival player families is massive, but EA isn't saying anything about multiplayer yet.

Godfather II is planned for release in 2009. See the first screenshots in Xbox World 360 issue 69, out today.